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The Dog Den is proud to provide exceptional dog daycare and training for dogs in the Madison area. We provide a safe, supervised, and structured environment for your dog and are here to help make sure they get the positive experiences and socialization they need to be a wonderful, well-mannered part of your family. 
We would love to be your canine experts and help guide you and your furry family member through puppyhood and beyond!

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Dog Den Announcements

The Dog Den is Hiring Full-Time + Part-Time Dog Enthusiasts!
If you love training dogs and didn’t know you could make a career out of working with them, we might be the exact right place for you to be! No experience? No Problem! Our unparalleled staff training program will get you ready to work with and train a pack of dogs in no time!
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It's National Dog Training Month! 
Join The Dog Den for these upcoming classes being held at our East side location:
Rally For Fun Mondays Jan. 21 - Feb. 25 at 6:45pm
The Rally For Fun class is a six-week course that covers many of the 33 signs currently in use by the AKC for the Novice level. Each week new signs with a similar theme will be taught and then worked into a practice course, using the current and previous weeks learned signs. Teams in the Rally Novice course will also begin to transition to off leash heeling (if ready) in preparation for the Advanced class. 
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Nosework Mondays Jan. 21 - Feb. 25 at 6:45pm
Your dog's natural desire to hunt and their strong sense of smell can be used to search for their favorite toys and, all of that sniffing gives them plenty of mental and physical exercise! This is a beginner-level class which will introduce fun and enticing challenges for your dog. All dog breeds, ages and temperaments are encouraged to join. 
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Agility Foundations Class Fridays Feb. 1 - Mar. 8 at 7:30pm
Dogs should have a reliable sit-stay and be ready to begin off-leash work. Agility Foundations centers on crate games, handling, tunnels, and foundation jumping skills. Handling and obstacle skills are taught independently and then brought together towards the end of the session. This course requires minimal at home equipment and most exercises can be completed with every day household items.
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“I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for everything The Dog Den has done for Sadie and me. Your company is so very generous to dogs in foster care...”
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